IQFOODS - Perfect Portions | Freshness and Convenience in One Package

Perfect Portions: Freshness and Convenience in One Package

If you’re tired of letting your produce wilt away before you’ve had the chance to use it, pre-portioned fruits and vegetables may be the perfect solution. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of pre-portioned produce and how it can save you time and money and reduce food waste.

Pre-portioning of fruits and vegetables refers to the practice of measuring and cutting food items into predetermined portion sizes sold for ease of use, preparation, and consumption. IQFOODS presents an extensive selection of pre-portioned solutions to fulfill various requirements across the food and beverage industry. 

Obtainability. We recognize the challenges of procuring and importing frozen fruits and vegetables from various regions worldwide. As a solution, IQFOODS offers more than 40 premium frozen ingredients of the highest standard. Our products are available throughout the year and are packaged according to your preferred formats and weights.

Time-Savvy. The convenience of saving time in preparation since pre-portioned fruits and vegetables are already cut and measured, most especially for busy home cooks and in commercial kitchens. It minimizes the need for weighing, measuring, and cutting, making food prep quicker and easier.

Consistent Serving Sizes. Pre-portioned fruits and vegetables ensure that every serving contains the same amount, making it easier to monitor portion sizes and nutritional values. It also provides better control over portion sizes, helps to manage food costs, and ensures that each portion size is consistent and accurate.

Reduced Waste. This helps to minimize waste since only the required portions are cut and used, reducing the chances of excess fruit and vegetable scrap. The required amount can be taken, and the rest can be stored for later use. This feature is especially helpful for commercial kitchens with high turnover rates in the food and beverage sector.

Improved Food Safety. With the help of IQF as a flash-frozen technique, pre-portioning increases food safety by reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination since only one portion is handled at a time. IQFOODS upholds the highest standards of food safety and certifications and ensures the availability of raw materials.

IQFOODS - Perfect Portions | Frozen Strawberry and Avocado

IQFOODS brings in additional value as our most sought-after options, such as smoothies, milkshakes, frappes, and smoothie bowls, are available for packaging in distinct forms, including sachets, branded cups, retail packaging, and more. We provide a comprehensive solution for designing and packaging your frozen products with utmost care and convenience in assisting in developing tailored products for your business.

By choosing IQFOODS as your co-partner in the Middle East, you can rest assured that logistics and raw material shortages won’t be challenging. Our collaborations with esteemed domestic and international brands allow us and ensure to adhere to your precise packaging guidelines unabated for the best of your business.

Whether you have inquiries on our product range or want to discuss partnership opportunities, the IQFOODS team is ready to assist. Get hold of us at [email protected] to start the conversation.

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